Project 2, Peer Review Reminder

For next week, please bring three printed copies of your Project 2 draft to class for peer review. We will spend about half of class doing peer review before introducing Project 3 (presentation) and using the remainder of class for revision of Project 2.

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  1. Ronald Hinds

    TO: Josef L.

    FROM: Ronald Hinds

    DATE: May 09, 2017

    SUBJECT: Peer Review for Project 2

    I am still working on my document but I would like to share my observations about yours:

    Generally speaking I think that quotes make up too much of the bulk of the research paper. Although not redundant and, in fact, just as informative, the use of quotes needs to be further examined. I would recommend “purdueowl” to figure the proportion of quotes. Another general point is the length of your abstract. Please check “purdueowl.”

    1.Check your punctuation. For example, the first sentence of the “Abstract” place a comma after “books.”

    In the sentence “In his aptly titled research paper, “The School-To-Prison Pipeline,” the author…….

    William J. Stuntz is the author of a book called, “The Collapse of American Justice System.”

    Page 2…”In his paper, “When at Twenty: Systemic Racial Bias and the Criminal Justice System,”……

    There are more examples. So, please check the entire research paper for proper comma usage.

    2) At the bottom of page 1 indicate where the quotation ends? I know where it begins. Ditto for page 2 indicate where the quotation ends? Ditto for the section: Racial Profiling, again, where does the quotation end?

    Please check the entire research paper.

    3) When briefly exiting a quote to say, for instance, “and that,” there is no closing quotation to precede it, nor is there a new opening quotation mark to continue the quote. It simply carries on to another closing quotation much later in the paragraph.

    That’s all I have. Sorry this could not have been sent earlier.

    Good luck!

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