Project 2 Submission

Before our next class begins, send a brief, professional email to Professor Ellis with your Project 2 essay attached as a Word docx file. Use the subject: Project 2. Please do not share the document with me via Google Docs as I will not open it. Instead, download your essay as a Word docx file and attach it to your email to me. I will reply to each email confirming receipt of your email and attached essay.

Over the weekend, think about what are the key points in your essay that would form a 5-10 minute presentation. What images or diagrams might enrich your talk? How would you go about creating these images without access to Google Image Search, public domain images, etc. All images in the PowerPoint component of your presentation must be made by you for the purposes of this assignment. Artistic capability will not be graded–your rhetorical choices will be.

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