Project 2

Project 2: Research Paper

Following MLA APA format, write a 1500-2000-word research paper on a topic that is important to your studies and future career. This document should represent your engagement in a field of study and be included in your job application portfolio after the class is completed. All sources in your paper must be quoted and cited. There must be at least 10 eight quoted sources accessed through the library (databases, periodicals, books).

This is an opportunity for you to learn deeply about a topic and demonstrate what you learn through the development of a research paper devoted to the topic.

However, it is also an opportunity for you to develop an argument in an extended essay. Giving and proving a thesis that responds to these questions might be a good starting point: Why is this topic important, significant, helpful, useful, or meaningful?

For the topic that you select for your research paper, you should integrate these areas of knowledge into your discussion: history of the term, debates about the term, the meaning of the term, and uses/examples of the term.

1500-2000 words is for the content of your essay. It does not include your cover page, abstract, or references. We will discuss overall format before peer review takes place.

Mar 23: Introduce the project and write a memo exploring possible topics.

Mar 30: Research Log Book

Apr 4: Research

Apr 6: Research

Apr 12: Spring Break/No Class

Apr 20: No class/Monday schedule

Apr 25: Writing

Apr 27: Writing

May 2: Writing

May 4: Peer Review

May 9: Due, Introduce Project 3