Project 3

Project 3
After completing your research paper, you will have an opportunity to turn it into a 5-minute oral presentation supported by a PowerPoint slideshow. Your PowerPoint slideshow should balance text with images that support what you have to say. All images in your presentation must be made/taken by you. On the day of your presentation, you must be prepared with your PowerPoint saved on a flash drive and one other medium (e.g., cloud-based storage) and dressed in business casual attire.


  • Purpose: teach your audience about the main points of your research essay. Summarize the main points and give an example or two from your essay to strengthen your discussion.
  • Consider what constitutes the most important parts of your Project 2 essay that you would like to share with an interested audience of peers.
  • Explain things for those of us who are not experts.
  • 5-minute presentation (min 4, max 5)
  • Use a combination of images and words on your slides
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides to create the visual anchor for your presentation.
  • Have at least 5 slides of content plus 2 bookend slides, which include your name, affiliation, and email address
  • A printed script or handwritten notecards are permitted (rule of thumb: double spaced, printed sheet of paper takes about 2.5 minutes to read at normal speaking speed)
  • View sample PowerPoint presentations here.



T May 9, Project 2 Due, Introduce Project 3

Th, May 11, Project 3 (Script)

T, May 16, In-class Writing Exercise

Th, May 18, Project 3 (Slides)

T, May 23, In-class Writing Exercise

Th, May 25, Project 3 Presentations