Project 1

Project 1: Job Application Portfolio

Create a portfolio of job application documents, including: a memo on the career that you seek, a memo on your program of study at City Tech preparing you for that career, a research memo on a company/job ad, a letter of application for that job, a skills-based resume for that job, and a chronological/work-experience resume for that job.

Percentage of final grade in course: 25%

In this project, you will create the following deliverables:

  • Career Memo, describe what your career goals are following your graduation (Feb 2)
  • Program of Study Memo, using the college catalog, discuss how your major is preparing you for your career (Feb 9)
  • Job Ad Research Memo, find a job ad for the kind of work that you would like to do and write a memo that discusses what you need to do to be prepared for that job and explores what it would be like to work at that company (Feb 16)
  • Letter of Application, write a formal letter of application for the job that you found (Feb 23)
  • Skills-based Resume, write a one-page skills-based resume (Mar 2)
  • Work-experience Resume, write a one-page work-experience-based resume (Mar 9)

To submit the final drafts of your work on this project, you will create a new post on our OpenLab site. Title it: Job Application Portfolio for [Your First and Last Name]. In the body of your post, write a 100-150 word introduction that tells the reader who you are, what you are studying at City Tech, and what kind of job are these documents intended for. Create a bulleted list and attach your deliverables as Word DOCX files (one file for each deliverable). After attaching your files, click “Publish” in the upper left.

Of course, you will want to thoroughly proofread your work before the final due date on the syllabus. I encourage you to circulate your work with your classmates to receive peer review feedback. If you rely on your eyes only, you will likely not produce work of the caliber required for a successful job application portfolio.