ENG1133 D502 Specialized Communications for Technology Students, SP2017

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ENG1133 D502 Specialized Communications for Technology Students, SP2017
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Spring 2017
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Capable engineers and technologists are a dime-a-dozen. This class’ purpose is to offer you an opportunity to distinguish yourself among many otherwise qualified individuals by improving essential communication skills. Students will build job application portfolios, improve writing in a variety of formats for different audiences, research something important to their careers so as to have an important writing sample, and practice professional oral presentation skills based on research. This class is difficult in ways different than major-specific classes, but it is the challenge afforded by the intensive projects and weekly in-class writing assignments that develop your communications skills over time. Simply put, students who apply themselves to the class throughout the semester will develop ways of thinking and expressing that will place them above many of their peers in a competitive job market.

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