In the internship I had a few challenges that I had to overcome. One of my co workers had problems that couldn’t attend work. I was switched into working on the website earlier then expected to do in his absence. I’ve done coding before, but it wasn’t one of my big specialties. I still managed to do a few things before my coworker could come back. I also had family issues going on at the time that hindered my work. Now during the end I had some medical issues that limited me to work. I Told my supervisor and he was very understanding. I wasn’t fired, but I was put on hold due to not being able to put in all of my effort in working. Everyone in my internships has so far been very nice to me and I learned a lot from the things I had to overcome like taking new positions last min. Overall I was told my my supervisor that I have been doing a good job in the internship and would wait for my recovery.