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The Frostbite logo is an in-game engine logo designed in 2004 which has been updated throughout the years. The Frostbite logo is trademarked by Electronic Arts and it has been put on many Electronic Arts Games like the Battlefield series, Fifa 17, Garden Warfare, Need for speed etc. The Frostbite engine was designed to be played on multiple platforms like PS3, PS4, PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The engine was first used by Dice to make a first person shooter. The first logo designed by Frostbite was just the name to represent them and it was like the first draft of the logo so it didn’t really have a meaning, but it was still there first logo that represented Frostbite. The logo did not make it into a game, but instead was fused with logo 1.5. The 1.5 Frostbite logo showed the graphics and the the ability to destroy environments in the game, from the walls and ground, so it can be dynamic. Furthermore, the engine of the logo had high sound quality in order to make the game sound a lot better and realistic. The second logo was to show how the pixels became into graphics and got even more visually appealing with more high capabilities to higher processors. The second logo also had improvements from movements to the scale on the map to be done a lot better from the first engine. The third frostbite logo has changed by representing the larger scale of destruction with the hand broken into pieces. The in-game engine of Frostbite has improved on what they already had and imputed more game dynamics like levolution. Levolution is what they call the destruction that you can do in a game. It has improved so much from the first in-game engine. Anyone that has played any Battlefield game would know the Frostbite logo once they saw it . The Frostbite logo mostly became popular when the second logo came out. It had been advertised a lot due to the success of Battlefield Three. The Frostbite logo was put into shirts, sweaters, mugs, and a lot of different merchandise items. There has been a total of four logo changes due to the technical things they have improved and now has become a staple in EA games.  


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