My internship is based on advertising. I work with a group of 4 and I help with coming up with ideas. There’s a lot of revisions we do and different types of approaches we take on. The current project I just finished was Finishing a logo for the company to do. We had so many different revision for the client not liking what we first offered.  Once the client was happy we are now working on the approaches we are gonna do to put up platforms to advertise it. The main one I’m working on is the website and the merchandise. Making sure everything is appealing to employees and customers. I am taking company images and videos to place on the website. It has been a little challenging editing videos due to me not having so much experience with it, but with the help of co workers and taking a commercial video editing has helped. There has only been personal situations going on in my life that has impacted my school work and internship. I was close of being let go due to not having enough communication when something very personal happened. It was my fault, but I learned from it and I’m currently working hard to get back into working on the website. The articles given by Stella Nicolaou has helped with with communication. The article talked about how to work in a group in a internship. I am also very lucky to get along with the people I work with, and not have issues. I’ve had projects where I didn’t like the people I worked with, but I feel very included and good energy even though majority of the meetings are online. The way corvid has influenced my internship is not having a proper office to keep myself accountable to work. Being at home makes things difficult to work and not be distracted. I do meet with my co workers in some special meetings held in the company’s office, but we are encouraged to work from home. When we do meet in person I feel like I work better with interacting with people and the same goes for class. Writing my internship and my experience with my co workers and finding time for myself has been very difficult. My mental health has been in jeopardy a couple of times, but my goals and an email and phone call from Stella Nicolaou really did helped. So far I have accumulated 80+ hours. I look forward to continuing the internship that I enjoy.