Ely Ballinas


Professor Eli

Digital Media

Cooper Hewitt Museum Visit

While visiting the museum, I saw four pieces that stood out to me; “Higher Ground, What is Affordable Housing? Toolkit and Rent Regulation Rights posters, Humane Borders Water Stations and Warnings, and My Wallpaper.” All of these pieces stood out to me because they all had real life things going on in the real world and was different than any other museum I have been too.


Higher Ground was extremely interesting to me because of its image. This art was created in order to bring awareness to prescription drug abuse in Kentucky. This piece was created in 2003 and is still showcased in the museum. To me, that means that the staff and students of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, the Harlan County community, and the Community Performance International and Carpetbag Theater are still standing by their message. Until prescription drug abuse is dealt with, this art piece will stand.


“What is Affordable Housing? Toolkit and Rent Regulation Rights posters” was interesting to me because the poster shows that not many people know what affordable housing is nor do they know there are laws to protect them when it comes to renting. This art piece is important because it exposes people to information that they might have not known before. By seeing this art piece, they would go home and do their own research about affordable housing.


Humane Borders Water Stations and warning posters was a project designed by humane Borders and it is dated from 2000 to present. This project helps immigrants have water when they cross the border from Mexico to Arizona, due to the high amounts of deaths of dehydrations. I feel like this helps the lives of immigrants just wanting a better life somewhere else, but unfortunately they die in the process.


Last but not least, “My wallpaper” was one of the best pieces I saw in the museum. This museum is different than any other museum I have been to. I received a cool big stylish pen that gave me the opportunity to interact more with the museum. Also, being able to do anything in the museum like art and being able to receive it at home was great. This art makes the Cooper Hewitt stand out from other museums because the art is so unique and more interactive than any other museum I have ever been too.  


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