In my internship I have learned a lot of new things that will help me in my field and the way things are changing. Covid has limited us meeting in person and the way we interact. We have daily Zoom calls that we use to review the work we do. I never had to do zoom calls and set them up to meet with my co-workers. I noticed this is the new way we would work and so far it has gone well. Even though I believe meeting in person and seeing the sketches in person would be more protective I have learned to interact through online. Trying to make friendships through my co-workers has been a bit weird because we aren’t in person, but I did manage to be closer to a colleague. Building friendship in the workplace has been one of my goals to help improve my major and at work in case I need help. Overall Online interactions have been very difficult to make new friends, but it has made things less dramatic. I heard people would usually have drama at work with each other, but so far everything has gone very well.