Brent Couchman

In this design Couchman deploys layering in two ways in this design. One way is layering simplistic shapes to build objects, buildings and scenery. The second is layering the different scenes to overlap and make a sort of venn diagram that signals to the viewer that these different places have a unifying relationship.

Paul Tebbott

Tebbott layers two silhouettes right on top of the other. There is the human profile which is filled in with a solid yellow, and layered directly on top is a black silhouette of a bird. It’s done very neatly and has a nice contrast of the bird’s sharp beak and the humans organic shape.

Gottschalk + Ash

G + A create dimension with layering, its effect is like blocks stacked or a staircase. I like the contrast of the photo against the shapes without outlines. It’s interesting how the colors vibrate against the black and white.  Found this book cover on this montagueprojects. This blog posts old book covers that they find interesting.