Current Student’s Work: ALEX LARDARO

Alex Lardaro is a recent graduate of Parsons, earned a BFA in Communication Design. Her project that I found on their student work website is called WELL SPENT. This piece is a website that is an “evolving digital collection of user responses to a series of questions that empowers and encourages users to look at their and others’ time as parts of a whole.”  The idea steams from our society’s expansion of life expectancy, how if life is increased then customary milestones are later. Users are asked what they would do with their extra time, and their answer shows up on WELL SPENT along side others.

I thought that this project is really fun in a way that one can entertain the idea of winning the lottery except with time! It also helps us contemplate the possibility for more time for experiences.

Here’s her website if you want to check out more: