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3-D Printing Essay :)

Daniel Sosanya

Comd 1112

Digital Media Foundations

3D- Printing

What is 3D-Printing? Well if you may not know 3D-printing is the complex manufacturing that is a process of making three dimensional objects created within digital software to bring these object into the world as solid objects that were once stored on a digital file. An object is created laying down rightful layers of material within a pattern until the object within the software is created. Each layer can be viewed as horizontal, thin cross- section layers using less material than traditional methods. 3D-Printing consist of three parts, the 3D- scanner, Modelling software and the slicing from the modeling to the printer.  I’ve stumbled upon an article in which I obtained valuable information of a Canadian design team who used the largest 3D-printer in the world to build the first 3D-printed camper. This camper house was made out of hundreds of feet of plastic material. This task took a total of nine days to make. This 3-D printed isn’t the biggest nor is it the tiniest. It measures 13 feet long six feet wide and weighing in around six hundred pounds. The 3D printer was created by experts with “Recreate Café” this task took over two hundred and thirty hours to build the custom ElectorBot 3d Printer. Some see this 3D-Printed house as something novelty, but this trailer doesn’t leak unlike most trailers. This proves that within the world of 3D-prinitng the sky is the limit. This camper prototype is currently being outfitted with appliances, electronics, and windows even while being made out of 3D-matieral. Creator Randy James—owner of Wave of the Future 3D—told Saskatoon’s local news that he’s hopeful that the first batch of 3D-printed campers will be for sale by the end of the year. The current model, called “The Wave,” features three covered holes in the floor so it can convert into an ice-fishing hut, but subsequent models could also be larger or fit in truck beds. While this is just the begining of 3D-Printing we are able to create far greater as time comes and more technology develops.

Animation Project

<!DOCTYPE html>
div {
width: 400px;
height: 300px;
background-color: red;
position: relative;
-webkit-animation-name: example; /* Safari 4.0 – 8.0 */
-webkit-animation-duration: 4s; /* Safari 4.0 – 8.0 */
-webkit-animation-iteration-count: 3; /* Safari 4.0 – 8.0 */
animation-name: example;
animation-duration: 4s;
animation-iteration-count: 3;

/* Safari 4.0 – 8.0 */
@-webkit-keyframes example {
0% {background-color:red; left:0px; top:0px;}
25% {background-color:yellow; left:200px; top:0px;}
50% {background-color:blue; left:200px; top:200px;}
75% {background-color:green; left:0px; top:200px;}
100% {background-color:red; left:0px; top:0px;}

/* Standard syntax */
@keyframes example {
0% {background-color:red; left:0px; top:0px;}
25% {background-color:yellow; left:200px; top:0px;}
50% {background-color:blue; left:200px; top:200px;}
75% {background-color:green; left:0px; top:200px;}
100% {background-color:red; left:0px; top:0px;}



Flying Pig cafe Animation

Image result for animated logo

This is an logo animation used NY the Flying Pig Cafe. The Location of the restaurant is Miller Place within Long island. I choose this animation because it was one of the first logo that iv’e seen animated and also its my little sisters wallpaper. The logo contains an cute pig with wings, levitating above the ground to represent the name of the cafe.

Poor Quality Video( Angry Video Game Nerd)

This youtube video if from a video game streamer i would watch at a younger age. ( Caution this you tuber has a foul mouth) Although watching this you-tuber overtime by the name of The Angry Video Game nerd, iv’e realized that over time the quality of his streaming changed. Dating back to 2006 when the video was uploaded it would seem as if it were best for its time. Well it wasn’t. The video looked as if it was shot on a tripod with a poor camera quality. seemed as if the you-tuber just wanted to throw up an video and not care for the quality. The you-tuber words seems as if they’re delated with a poor quality of a voice over. Although this video still rocks and ill watch it over any day.

Favorite Movie Coding

<p>This is a list of my Favorite Movies Coded  :)</p>

<i>Captain Marvel(2019)</i>
<u><b><i>Toy Story(2019)</i></b></u>

Video Game Research Paper

Digital media Reaerch paper( video games)

Daniel Sosanya
March 2019
Video game Graphics

Over time video games have made a vast improvement. I would remember the times I would come home after school rushing because I couldn’t wait to get on my new game consul and spoil my brain away. We’ve come from very simple and entertaining 2-D video gaming art to a more complex 3D visual art system over the past years. Video games are a form of visual madness. In modern term video games are produced within consoles, computers and even hand held devices. Although video games have made a vast progression over times does one truly know what the first video game was ?
If you believed that the first video game was an Hand-held that powered up through the night your insane. It was actually a vacuum called the “Cathode Tube”. Weird isn’t it. According to Tyson, Jeff. “How Video Game Systems Work.” This vacuum was one of the  early tubes, used by missile defense systems starting in the late 1940’s they were called  “video” games during the 50s due to vector graphics and imaging used to better ones memory. By the late 1950s, more advanced video games using Cathode  tubes were developed by defense based workers, while gradually increasing their level of sophistication. Video games were used as a form of education in past times. These tubes were eventually essential in making projections through screens in devices such as x- rays, televisions and even phones.
Moving into later years such as the 1970”s-80”s graphic developed further due to time but there were very simplistic due to the weak processing power of its time. This was the time period in which developers were being introduced into 3-D graphics and would combine them with former 2-D graphics to give the viewer and image of being into the game, while trying to “wow” society with the new view of video game graphics that would be around for a long time. These 3-D game were boring compared to now, they contained vast amount of colors within the vector lines. Although the new innovation games of this time period lacked creativity along with textures. Consumers became bored quick and grew a thirst for something new, this bring for the Atari. According to Stransky, Daniel. “The Evolution of Video Game Graphics.” The game graphics never looked like what they represented. Relating to my childhood, I’ve had this counsel growing up and it wasn’t the best for its time. It invoked end using a lot of yak imagination due to majority of this graphics being cheap animations and common shapes. For its times, and due to accessibility of playing it at home brought many consumers interested. This brought forth many companies into making videos games. The economy was booming. Companies such as Nintendo seen and grasped the opportunity to take a leap in the entertainment systems and increase their graphics
Referring to the Nintendo Entertainment system (NES) Nintendo managed to work much further with the color palette and pushed through the restrictions of graphics. This bringing forth the Bit system. The NES was a massive innovation of its time due to its 8-Bit technology. A bit is “Measures computer architecture, #-bit integers, memory addresses, or other data units are those that are 8 bits wide or in space” when referring to 8-bits it’s the 8-bit is an early computer hardware device or software program that is capable of transferring eight bits of data at the same time. For this time period this was high class, along with the iconic  games we all remember such as Mario or sonic. This brought forth what is known as the “Bit wars” many companies such as Sega, Famicon, Atari, etc. grew angry of Nintendo succession and this created more systems of their own. Consumers grew hungry for the most efficient graphics, and were willing to spend top dollar if so. The idea of these graphics even being able to move to hand-held devices were mind blowing. According to “Why the Nintendo Game Boy Was So Successful.” By Den of Geek, he states how iconic the Nintendo Game boy was a classic. The Nintendo had continuously redeveloped its consoles, making them more slim, more colorful, and more technologically advanced machines. The bits were a major issue companies believed that the more the bits the more the power. Companies were doubling their bits in order to keep up with competing companies. Bringing forth many new consoles such as the 16-Bit Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 which contained 64-Bits.
Moving on in time a major company impacted the video game industry. The SONY PlayStation. This console was intuitive for its time due to the new format in which the games were stored. SONY were able to make games and store them onto Compact Disc (CD) in which consumers can use to play their games at home. According to “PlayStation through the Years.” By PlayStation, Nintendo and PlayStation were supposed to collaborate due to
Nintendo having such good support system, and they were veterans when it came to making games and SONY only had compact disc innovation with lesser experience than Nintendo . Nintendo broke the deal for reasons unknown thus making SONY craft their own system. Although Nintendo were powering through the economic system with their 64-Bit entertainment system, the SONY PlayStation only contained 32-Bits in graphics. Although the PlayStation had memorable games and nostalgic the graphics were lacking in various components and died out due to lack of time, while Nintendo consumers continued to purchase their products. SONY used Compact disc for their game format due to having to sore mass data for users to play.
Now moving into modern day games are usually still managed on Compact Disc, some games even come with 2 compact disc. In addition to that systems comes with marketplaces which allow you to purchases the games from a marketplace online while being at home. Way more convenient that previous times. Shame graphics have took a major leap. Games are now performing under high speed resolutions along with high definition in frame rate. Games are now becoming more realistic with more modern day activities along with more subtle colors. With game development pricing raising so is the time and management companies are putting to enhance video games. Now I’m 2019 virtual reality is hitting us with major new changes. The feel of actually putting players into games is a whole new experience and one I hope to come fast in many years











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Background Color Change ( For this assignment i wanted to experiment with various color backgrounds to make the model kylie pop out more. I believe she has serious facial structure for this medium close up shot. Although the main background is Burgundy the Various colors add a playful theme to her serious face



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