Daniel Sosanya

Fall 2020

Blog post 18

Photoshop Webinar

I wanted to watch another webinar for adobe max, I actually like them. I’ve never really been into webinars at all. I felt as if they were boring but this one person I watch seems kinda cool and explains cool features, I spoke about him before in one of my previous blogs. The guy’s name is Terry Whie. He reviewed the recent features and updates to the new Photoshop 20202 and i found something that i found so cool that i had to make a blog post about it. He spoke about a cool thing called neutral features. I’m not sure what natural feelings are because I’m still watching the video as we speak but I’m getting into something cool. He first provided a photo of a woman with makeup. The colors of the make up were blue and yellow. It seemed as if it was from a makeup magazine, it was a really dynamic shot which made her makeup pop out more. He then takes another photo of a simple caucasin woman. It was a simple headshot that showed her beauty. He said he was going to take the womans make up within the first photo and apply it to the second one with a few clicks. At first i’m like “ There’s no way in heaven or hell this man can apply a whole process of makeup on a person with no makeup in a couple of seconds using photoshop”. Boy did he shut me up. He used a method in the filters tab in photoshop called neutral filerts. Within these Neutral filters they have something called beta filters. Beta Filters are filters that are basically really cool but not fully/developed done but Photoshop lets you use them. There was a tab called makeup transfer, I was so lost. Within this Makeup transfer tab you are able to drag a photo into the document that allows you to transfer makeup way quicker than you think. I was so amazed my jaw dropped. I didn’t think it was possible until he did it. I hope I can get the update also, features like this are really needed. I feel as if people who don’t have a background of using  photoshop and other apps such as illustrators will have a harder time getting things done and will always tend to have to watch a video. Under this document i’ll show you the two photos and how it looked the second he hit the makeup transfer button. It didn’t transfer everything but I was sold as soon as I saw the lips. You’ll see too.