Last Days at Bookstr

For the last days at Bookstr my projects have been to create facebook lives and a few quotes, with this post I would be summing up all my last days works,


Bookstr was a great experience to work for I enjoy every second of it, it was more than I expected to me and im looking forward to working more and more with them in the future if its ever presented in favor. With my experience at Bookstr I would carry with me for all my future job as a designer.

Facebook live post at Bookstr


Quotes for Bookstr Instagram 

Performance at Bookstr part 2

Having more experience with the related work at Bookstr I have to say I have improve my design skills more with layouts and client assets assign to the Bookstr, with this experience I am gaining I’m looking forward to using towards my future experience. Bookstr has taught me so much and I’m so glad I was able to work here. From the beginning to the end I have learn how to communicate with others and express ideas for new projects.


Here is a facebook live  layout created for a Bookstr live for Lloyd Kaufman

Bethany Mclean Facebook Live Post

Besides creating  facebook live layouts and quotes for bookstr I also created lower thirds that are use for the live boardcasted at bookstr here are some lower thirds created.

Collaborating at Bookstr Part 2

As I mention before Scott has assign me and coworker  for a project called disconnected within the past few weeks we have finish the campaign and are now promoting it on the website for the campaign. With this campaign we have also extended it to video design as well and each week we present a new author to be shown on the social media site. With this post I would show you the complete campaign.

Here is the final campaign of disconnected hope you enjoy!

Inspire at Bookstr

Interning at Bookstr had led me to meet many people to network with and work on big projects. I’m not the only intern that works at Bookstr there is also other interns that also participate such as editorial, social networkers, and video designers and we all get to engage and learn from each other. I would consider my supervisor my role model cause not only does he advises me in my designs he also educates and teaches new things. He explains things in which can be brought into the different approach in a design. I also find it great that he hires interns to work him because it shows giving an opportunity to someone can help a personal growth. With this intern opportunity, I have learned real-world experiences and the working environment was beyond expected. I can honestly say working at Bookstr so far has taught me to communicate better, engage more with others, and get the job done. I’m looking forward to my journey at Bookstr and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Examples of the many works I’ve have done. And looking forward too seeing what’s next!

Performances at Bookstr

Self-evaluating my self at the job at Bookstr I would say I’ve been able to come up with ideas for design projects that are assigned each day something new is invented and I have been able to complete each task that has been giving. The longest I’ve taken in these projects have been at most 2 days. One project that was assigned that I found most difficult was a website mockup being that web design is not my expertise my supervisor asked me to do a quick mockup for a website for his web designer to code for the new website. But I manage to work with screenshots and created exactly what my supervisor wanted. Overall, I would say my main improvement is layout designs. Each day I work with a new layout to create a design. I arrive at least 30mins before and listen to everyone ideas when it comes to design because is a reminder we not just designing anything we are designing for the public eye to see.

Here are examples for Quotes I have designed that I and my supervisor have looked threw to create the perfect eye-catching quote for reads to like and share.

Collaborating at Bookstr

My supervisor has assigned me and a Colleague to work for a campaign called Disconnected a book of poems written by upcoming authors who share in Instagram. Scott has asked me and Lani to come up with a design template in which we can add the photos that provided for the campaign. Lani came up with the Instagram square size and I came up with the Instagram story size design. Together after designing the templates we than send it to Scott for approval. After the approval, we then send it to heather in which she created a video that would be displayed on social media site. How does all of this work we all communicated through email and gave each other feedback and work as a team. Together we created a beautiful campaign that would be displayed on the site. I would say collaboration is a great experience because you get to have feedback, learn from others and also help others too. But it also has its challenging part because not everyone designs the same. But overall working together as a team help save us a lot of work that needed to be done.

Business at Bookstr

When relating my clerical duties to my major as a graphic designer at Bookstr. I would say I’m most responsible for the development of the designs. A day at Bookstr Scott would come in and assign a new task for design projects to be done. He would set his ideas and I would take notes to be able to have when developing a design. He emails me the files that are to use and I come up with the ideas. For these tasks, he asked me to use Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. As I’m developing the designs I ask my advisor for advice for any changes or updates. Once I’m done with the edits I present it to Scott and get the approval to post it online on SLACK.

When it comes to business-related experience, I have learned at Bookstr the more solutions you have for a design the better, getting work done fast it key essential in case it needs to be updated or to have different options. Scott works with many clients in which they provide the very limited amount of media files to work with.

For example, Scott assigns a Project giveaway that would be hosted at the Bookstr for Tony Robbins tickets. I was asked to create a flyer that would be posted for a contest.

Tony Robbins Graphics

Bookstr Work Culture

The atmosphere at Bookstr is laidback and respectful therefore the culture at Bookstr is comfortable attire. For work, I dress up casual attire. Our office space doesn’t have any cubicle we have a long table in which is share along with graphic designers and social networking people in the office as for editors in the office they share a roundtable. And together we all connect threw SLACK website to keep everyone updated. We also have a calendar in which we update weekly for a post to be created with design ideas.

A day at Bookstr

Taking the number 4 train early morning Tuesday and Wednesday morning would consider another task to arrive at Bookstr being located at one of the busiest train stations of all Grand Central Terminal. It’s always best to arrive at least half an hour before. Arriving at 10 am or earlier everyone has the freedom of choosing the seat they would like to seat for the day. And as per usual everyone checks the calendar to see what is a plan for the day.

Being that Bookstr is a social media site for book lovers. We have many lives with authors. My job is to create graphics for the lives that are going to be broadcast for the week

Facebook Live graphics publish

Working at Bookstr

I found my first internship through the website INDEED.COM sharing my design resume I got emailed by Scott assistant Allison. I had an in-person interview with Scott while in the interview I was asked to show the pass works I created a presentation of my past works on my laptop. As the interview came to closing Scott ask me when can I start. And I started the week after.

First Day of internship

During the first day of my internship, I was introduced to the program called SLACK a social site where all media files are share I got to meet everyone at Bookstr and their duties. For my first assignment, Scott asks me to edit one of their Facebook live post for an author that would be visiting the office and also to create quotes design to be posted in social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Quotes posted at Bookstr Instagram @bookstrofficial

L.A CHANDLAR Graphics for Facebook live

After creating my first designs Scott would check them for review and I got a yes, after getting approve I would post my works in the SLACK website in where People from social would react and post on the social media sites. Realizing that my work would be published online is an awesome feeling because you get to see how people would react towards your design which is really cool.



Starting at Bookstr

Office Space at Bookstr

I started my internship at Bookstr on the date of Tuesday, September 11, 2018. Bookstr a social media company reaching out to readers with special updates on the latest books publish and simply readers who love to read. Additionally, broadcasting Facebook Lives interviewing famous or soon to be authors for viewers to reach out and ask questions. And also sharing famous author quotes for readers to share with family and friends. The office is located in the borough of Manhattan in the Helmsley Building 230 Park Ave across from the MetLife Building at Grand Central Terminal. The office space is divided into 3 companies which are Clearview, Bold and of course Bookstr. The office also includes a kitchen and several private rooms for conferences, and of course a green room where the Lives are broadcasted.

At Bookstr I am part of the Graphic design team and with my Supervisor Scott in which he assigns my projects of the day and also advises me in my designs. My designs at Bookstr consist of creating graphics for social media like Instagram and Facebook, promotional graphics for Facebook lives, on-screen graphics for videos, and graphics and layout presentations.

The working environment is very friendly also comfortable. The location is near many places for lunch which is a great asset when finding what to eat for lunch hour. Besides graphic design interns we also have editorial interns as well as video editors, and social networking interns it’s a great team to work with and each day I learn something new at Bookstr.


Hemsley Building, Entering the Office Space