Performances at Bookstr

Self-evaluating my self at the job at Bookstr I would say I’ve been able to come up with ideas for design projects that are assigned each day something new is invented and I have been able to complete each task that has been giving. The longest I’ve taken in these projects have been at most 2 days. One project that was assigned that I found most difficult was a website mockup being that web design is not my expertise my supervisor asked me to do a quick mockup for a website for his web designer to code for the new website. But I manage to work with screenshots and created exactly what my supervisor wanted. Overall, I would say my main improvement is layout designs. Each day I work with a new layout to create a design. I arrive at least 30mins before and listen to everyone ideas when it comes to design because is a reminder we not just designing anything we are designing for the public eye to see.

Here are examples for Quotes I have designed that I and my supervisor have looked threw to create the perfect eye-catching quote for reads to like and share.