Bookstr Work Culture

The atmosphere at Bookstr is laidback and respectful therefore the culture at Bookstr is comfortable attire. For work, I dress up casual attire. Our office space doesn’t have any cubicle we have a long table in which is share along with graphic designers and social networking people in the office as for editors in the office they share a roundtable. And together we all connect threw SLACK website to keep everyone updated. We also have a calendar in which we update weekly for a post to be created with design ideas.

A day at Bookstr

Taking the number 4 train early morning Tuesday and Wednesday morning would consider another task to arrive at Bookstr being located at one of the busiest train stations of all Grand Central Terminal. It’s always best to arrive at least half an hour before. Arriving at 10 am or earlier everyone has the freedom of choosing the seat they would like to seat for the day. And as per usual everyone checks the calendar to see what is a plan for the day.

Being that Bookstr is a social media site for book lovers. We have many lives with authors. My job is to create graphics for the lives that are going to be broadcast for the week

Facebook Live graphics publish