Inspire at Bookstr

Interning at Bookstr had led me to meet many people to network with and work on big projects. I’m not the only intern that works at Bookstr there is also other interns that also participate such as editorial, social networkers, and video designers and we all get to engage and learn from each other. I would consider my supervisor my role model cause not only does he advises me in my designs he also educates and teaches new things. He explains things in which can be brought into the different approach in a design. I also find it great that he hires interns to work him because it shows giving an opportunity to someone can help a personal growth. With this intern opportunity, I have learned real-world experiences and the working environment was beyond expected. I can honestly say working at Bookstr so far has taught me to communicate better, engage more with others, and get the job done. I’m looking forward to my journey at Bookstr and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Examples of the many works I’ve have done. And looking forward too seeing what’s next!