Collaborating at Bookstr

My supervisor has assigned me and a Colleague to work for a campaign called Disconnected a book of poems written by upcoming authors who share in Instagram. Scott has asked me and Lani to come up with a design template in which we can add the photos that provided for the campaign. Lani came up with the Instagram square size and I came up with the Instagram story size design. Together after designing the templates we than send it to Scott for approval. After the approval, we then send it to heather in which she created a video that would be displayed on social media site. How does all of this work we all communicated through email and gave each other feedback and work as a team. Together we created a beautiful campaign that would be displayed on the site. I would say collaboration is a great experience because you get to have feedback, learn from others and also help others too. But it also has its challenging part because not everyone designs the same. But overall working together as a team help save us a lot of work that needed to be done.