Business at Bookstr

When relating my clerical duties to my major as a graphic designer at Bookstr. I would say I’m most responsible for the development of the designs. A day at Bookstr Scott would come in and assign a new task for design projects to be done. He would set his ideas and I would take notes to be able to have when developing a design. He emails me the files that are to use and I come up with the ideas. For these tasks, he asked me to use Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. As I’m developing the designs I ask my advisor for advice for any changes or updates. Once I’m done with the edits I present it to Scott and get the approval to post it online on SLACK.

When it comes to business-related experience, I have learned at Bookstr the more solutions you have for a design the better, getting work done fast it key essential in case it needs to be updated or to have different options. Scott works with many clients in which they provide the very limited amount of media files to work with.

For example, Scott assigns a Project giveaway that would be hosted at the Bookstr for Tony Robbins tickets. I was asked to create a flyer that would be posted for a contest.

Tony Robbins Graphics