Project II Group A

Project II

Group A: Antons, Jeremy, Keia, Dom, Dominique, Jonathan, Richard, and Leanna

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  1. Jeremy Ragoobar

    Much better today guys! Although we couldn’t complete some assignments due to weather I think we were more prepared. We came in knowing what was going know, mostly because we kept with the story line from last shooting day. We did however brush up on our skills when it came to doing the motion blur. ISO, shutter speed, f-stop were all manipulated to achieve out shot. That was an experience worth learning because we were able to learn at first hand certain techniques to a better understanding of operating the camera.

  2. keia

    The location we are choosing for the hand held is perfect. The reflection from the doors will be perfect while using the filters. I see that we still may have to do steadi cam work tomorrow. For this we can just shoot somebody walking parallel to a row of trees in front of namm or on the side.

  3. Dominique Hunter

    okay we have everything set with the dslr camera and the camera Anton will be using.

    this is also on blackboard for the assignment: HPX-170 on Tripod
    – Shutter speeds (on this camera, you can set it as slow as 1/15 of a second, and as fast as 1/2000 of a second. You must compensate the exposure accordingly. When your shutter speed is slow, you may need to close down the F-stop, and if the shutter speed is high, you may need to open up the F-stop).

    I’m just not sure if Ryoya took this out of the project or not

  4. Jonathan Stampfl

    Hey guys it seems like we are pretty set on what we wanna do tomorrow with our shots, I like the idea Jeremy is having with the glass door and the reflection. I think for the handheld shots maybe we can add a couple of pov shots in there since we haven’t shot many of those kind of shots over the semester.

  5. Dominique Hunter

    Hey guys so im not sure if we have to do the assignment with the DSLR but its better to be prepared anyway. What Jeremy said sounds like a good idea. I think we should shoot with the JVC first and get that out of the way. We do not necesarily need to have the same story. We just have to have certain shots such as long shot, CU etc.

    Also I realized we did not shoot passing the columns with the steadicam so if we have time monday we should try to do that.

    1. Leanna

      I forgot we had to do that on the steadicam. I know Keia was stating that we can do that part right in front of the school passing by the trees, that would be different instead of passing by a column. If the weather is not bad we can do that shot quickly.

  6. Jeremy Ragoobar

    For the DSLR (5D or 7D) shot we can go where there is a lot of reflection and glass, maybe in the blocked off entrance where we first shot in the beginning of the class.

    1. There are two sets of double doors made out of glass. I believe that we can use the polarizer to get rid of the glare and reflections from the doors.

    2. We can use the ND filter while we are there since we can get a clear view of the sky. The weather has been gloomy these past couple of days due to the rain. If that’s the case we can open the aperture and the adjust the f-stop to make the sky more bright, allowing us to use the ND filter and toning down the sky. Although the sky might not be blue we should be able to complete this task.

    3. Furthermore, when it comes to making a scene it should be really simplistic. This will eliminate confusion when we have all the group members giving all their ideas at once, and will save us time.

    1. Leanna

      I love this idea. Im not 100% sure of what glass doors you are talking about but we’ll see on Monday. For the filters we can incorporate Rich idea regrading the balcony. On the 5 floor you have a great view of the windows. So maybe we can shoot up there

  7. Jeremy Ragoobar

    Great job today guys ! I did however think that we should of been a little bit prepared and what was going on. Although we were a bit on different pages, eventually things were sorted out and we were able to complete out agenda on getting the rack focus and steady cam shots.

  8. Antons89

    Good job today guys! We got the steadicam shots done and the rack focus as well. On Monday we’ll do handheld HPX-170 shots, I’ll be the operator. Do you guys wanna do the same thing we did today, the stalker scene in lockers to compare the steadicam vs handheld footage, or do something else? Also, DSLR shots with the filters, are we supposed to do those or were they removed from the assignment?

  9. Jeremy Ragoobar

    Hey guys apologizes for the late reply, I read that rich wanted to use the benches outside/cafeteria which could potentially be good for rack focusing. Think about it, if the 3 subjects are sitting in a straight line along the benches we can have the camera sit on either ends and pull focus. When executed, the effect will allow the viewers to see who subject A is looking at (change focus) then subject B (change focus) looking at subject C. I’ll explain in person if there’s any confusion 🙂

    1. Jeremy Ragoobar

      If that doesn’t sound appealing to anyone, I do have a different idea. Picture it, we’re in the atrium (open area) and we are focused to one talent sitting by a table doing homework. Then you see a crumpled ball of paper land on the table dropped from above. The subject looks up and there is ano terms Subject (B) uplease above smiling and waving, we can implement the rack focus at this time to see who threw the piece of paper. If time allows we can also do another subject (C) throw something at subject (B) and continue that idea

  10. keia

    Im just throwing this out there but maybe we can find an area outside the building with a couple trees to pass through and follow with the steadi cam. i just think it would be different to do the column like scene somewhere outside.

  11. Richard Holzhauer

    Another idea for the stalker shot is we can have an actor walking on the first floor and we can also film from the stalkers point of view from a few floors up from the balcony. Or we can film the actor down stairs from the balcony then bring the focus of the camera up to the actual stalker on the balcony

    1. Leanna

      That will be a creative shot! but we still have to follow this if you want use that idea for the Pull focus:

      “CU or MS of Actor 1 facing the camera (this person is in focus), in the background Actor 2 enters the frame, Actor 1 turns around, and Actor 2 is in focus. Actor 1 turns back to the camera, and the focus is on actor 1 again”

      If not we can use that idea to introduce the characters or use it for another technique

    2. keia

      i think this is a great idea, maybe we should use both . i think the stairs shot is a good move but instead of shooting the actor down the stairs from the balcony we can maybe use the steadicam and follow the subject coming up or down the steps.we can probably try out the donjuan position ( with an alert camera assistant of course ).

  12. Dominique Hunter

    Okay to confirm Dom is on steadicam correct? I think its a good idea to get the steadicam part of the project out of the way since that will be most difficult. We also need to use the steadicam on the stairs and also while walking past columns according to the assignment. So we can incorporate the columns by the stalker walking past the columns following the person. The stairs we can follow whoever we feel as long as we get on the stairs. We still need someone to be on camera for the JVC. I would do it but im pretty sure I will be in the shot for that also, if not I will do it. I think we should do two parts wednesday and then the other two parts monday so we dont get bombarded with too much. So maybe do all the work for the steadicam and do the pull focus. Then on monday do the assignment for the polarizer, ND, and shutter speeds. Let me know what you think.

    1. Leanna

      Yeah, Dom will be operating the steadicam.

      I believe that Jonathan will be using the JVS. If not we can figure out who will be operating them in class tomorrow.

      I agree with doing the polarizer, shutter speeds on Monday.

  13. Jonathan Stampfl

    hey guys I think we had a really good discussion today about what we wanna film on Wednesday. I think its good for us to shoot the stedicam shots first since they will probably take the longest. I think the shots we should get is a lot of tracking shots of each character, the panoramic shot of leanna around the pillar and we can get a corner shot at any corner on the ground floor. I think we are pretty set with our rack focus shot of all three of the actors in the same line together. we will get the shot of dom looking at jeremy and then move the camera to jeremy and do the same shot with him and leanna.

  14. Dominique Hunter

    I think both ideas are good so far. So are we going to film the whole stalker scene by those elevators or are we going to end up there for the steadicam shot?? Also for the panoramic shot we could probably use the area where the lockers are on the third floor. We also have to use the JVC camera which I was thinking maybe we could have a news reporter talking about how there are stalkers on the loose or something.

  15. Jonathan Stampfl

    Hey guys so I think our discussion went really well today. I’m happy we are all on board for the funny stalker story line. I think we definitely have our depth of field shot down. I was thinking we can introduce the characters with the hand held shots and then we can start following them with the Steadicam. These are just some ideas i’m throwing around. Let me know what you guys think.

    1. Antons89

      The idea with the stalker story sounds good. What do you think about the panoramic shot and going around the corner shot for this project ? I can’t really think of a place for a panoramic shot, so if you guys got any ideas, share them. For the around the corner shot we can use the same place we used for the last project (the elevators near the bookstore).

      1. Leanna

        I agree with using the same location by the bookstore, or by that door where they are doing construction. Also by the second floor , there is a lot of room in that area by the stairs the only thing is that there is a lot of traffic.

        For the panoramic shot, we can stand on the spiral stairs(the one by the library, on any of the floors) and we can get a better view of what’s below us, or what’s further out. << If that'S confusing I will explain in class

      2. Richard Holzhauer

        for a panoramic shot we would need a big space maybe the the cafeteria, or outside where we used to shoot in the beginning of the semester. there also benches for that are across from each other. that would be good for a stalker scene

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