Project 1 Group 2

Group 2 Members:

Keia, Dom, Dominique, Jonathan, Victor, Max, Yordy, Steven

20 thoughts on “Project 1 Group 2

  1. keia

    super late Im sorry. for the conceptual cut the first thing that comes to my mind is ending a scene with a fist hitting the table and bringing in the next scene with a fist already rested on a surface maybe at the end of the interrogation scene leading into another less tense scene i will explain more when we get to class.

  2. Dominic

    We might also need prop guns and badges don’t know from where though maybe some one have a water gun at home.
    We can also make the class room into some what of a police station and have the bad guy friends shot up the place to rescue the guy we have in custody.

  3. Dominic

    I think that police idea is good I’m cool with everything you guys have so far. As far as the costumes go the cops can be undercover detectives like Lee and Carter from rush hour.
    As part of the interrogation maybe it can also be in a room like we see in TV shows so we can use the class room first and focus on that part with the lighting and everything else that we need to focus on. the next day we can use the jib arm to create the other part of the story. I think during the interrogation we can also make the suspect escape from the room and then chase after him.

  4. Jonathan Stampfl

    I think for our conceptual cut we should it during the lighting exercise. My idea is have a close up of the criminal during the interrogation looking down thinking and then cut to another criminal being interrogated and have him start from the looking position. It’s just an idea I had. Also for what the detectives will be saying during the scene I was just thinking like regular cop stuff, like the where were you at this time, who are you working for, where’s the drups etc….. stuff like that

  5. Dominique Hunter

    Okay so I definitely think the detective idea will work best with the lighting part of the assignment and when we work outside with the jib we can do the conceptual cut which im still thinking about ideas for. The only thing im confused about is if we arent editing this how exactly are we going to make a conceptual cut? Also we should probably have a script for the detective part, I will write it up just need some input of what we want to say

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      Even without editing the footage, as long as your group writes your own “concept,” we will know which shots are meant to be for your conceptual cut. Hopefully, your group will come up with an interesting one!

    1. Dominique Hunter

      Okay so we will probably need props like maybe a lamp to shine on their face but we dont necessarily need to turn it on we can just use the lighting to make that effect. Also the cops should probably have like a white button down or wear something cop like. And maybe make fake badges or i can try to find some in a toy store

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      A couple of people in the other group stayed after class today. They were discussing things more in detail. I’m now concerned about this group. You “still have few more days” before the next session, but you also should be aware that “there are only few days left”. Don’t wait to start exchanging a lot more ideas with each other.

  6. Jonathan Stampfl

    Hey guys one idea I have for this project is maybe we can do like an old school police interrogation for the different kinds of lighting we have to do. Then for the part with the jib arm we can show how the criminal was caught by the cops. I’m open to any suggestion I just thought i would throw an idea out there. Let me know what you guys think.

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      The challenge is that we have only one jib-arm. The group that stays in the studio should focus on all the lighting assignments. Then, most likely, the other group that goes outside the studio will have the priority to use the jib-arm, so that both groups can get something done at the same time. I probably should announce this on BB, so that both groups can plan wisely. We will devote the next two sessions to work on Project I.

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