Project II Group B

Project II

Group B: Joe, Robert, Jad, Victor, Max, Yordy, Steven, and Leslye

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  1. Victor Chan

    This just the equipment we used last session:

    Sandisk 32GB card -#11
    Handheld Camera -#3
    Steadicam P2HD Panasonic- #3
    P2 Card #1

    Anyways do you guys have any other suggestions of what else we can do??
    I am hoping the Book Store area will be clear so we can film like we planned for the other day

    1. Rikan

      We can push the bookstore idea long as no one in the bookstore or the security guard is sensitive and wants us out We should most definitely have a backup thought though. Like if we are early enough we can try the cafeteria if all hope is lost

      Always open for suggestions though

  2. Leslye

    Everyone should have an idea about the positions.This is just what I wanna use and this is an example of how we should use our equipment to fulfill the project

    – Effective use of polarizer – Maybe by the window in the first floor by the entrance that doesn’t let students in. Any window in order to show the effectiveness of the lens and working with the camera.
    – Effective use of ND – going outside? Still debating what to do.Might need help with this one.

    1. MaxxAmillion

      Depending on how much sunlight we have outside the ND might just work. Maybe and outdoor scene would be cool for an intro or an ending depending on what you guys agree on. Im comfortable being the boom operator as long as we can get a test run before we record.

  3. Victor Chan

    -Here are the roles so far that we talked about:
    Joe: Handheld Camera operator
    Robert & Jad: Talent
    Victor: Director, Director of Photography
    Max: Boom Operator
    Steven: Focus puller, Runner, Talent
    Yordy: Steadicam Operator
    Leslye: DSLR Operator

    Is everyone ok with this???

  4. Rikan

    IIght so quick recap. We sounded like we had the concept down with the MTV Crib style tour that transitions to us partying in the end doing the mannequin challenge while an object moves on its own and we run out. Joe has the panasonic. Max has the Boom, Jae (Jad) is an actor, and I think Yordy is on Steadycam. I can’t remember everything else but this as the overall topics we covered which was real good.

  5. Steven Baculima

    I agree with the school tour idea its a fun and interactive, when using the stedicam I would like it to be used when moving with the main person whether walking or going through hallways and stairs. The person who feels is comfortable with it should be the operator. I think we should use the DSLR for the establishing shot and use the polarizer to change the contrast of specific areas.

  6. Joe

    I mean until people come up with a better idea, that’s what I think we should do. The steadicam could be used for the tour and then for the other camera we could have interactions around the school planned or not while still having a tour.

  7. Leslye

    Hey Guys, just wanted to check in and ask whether or not we are doing the school tour. I think it would be a good idea. Please suggest more ideas in order to move forward. I hope we all come to an agreement and enjoy the storyline.

    We must also discuss who will be operating the steadicams because we might wanna start with that first. Also, should we start with the DSLRS first? I think we should use it after we are done with the hardest parts like the stairs and the booming. Please clarify with me on some of the things I said. I could be wrong.


    1. Rikan

      I think the school tour mtv crib style is a good idea! some people feel it works for a specific camera I think steady cam but I might be wrong. I’m open for other ideas and concepts cause they all don’t have to be connected unless you all want that.

      I think whether or not we have concepts to agree on for every camera determines what gets done first. If we do the tour with dslr it sounds like it can work as something to get done quick though

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