Project I

Group 1 Members:

Antons, Robert, Leslye, Jeremy, Richard, Joe, Leanna, and Jad

Group 2

Keia, Dom, Dominique, Jonathan, Victor, Max, Yordy, and Steven

Project I Evaluation Criteria:

Pre-Production: Your Participation on OpenLab
Lighting: Rembrandt
Lighting: Split
Lighting: Butterfly in b/w & color
Conceptual Cut
Effective Use of Jib-Arm
Your Production Participation/Attitude
Your Contribution to crew
Your Individual Achievements

It is very important for you to post your ideas and communicate with each other on OpenLab: I will be able to identify your pre-production participation easily this way. If your teammates are not participating in the online discussion, there is no need to wait for them. They will receive “0” or a very low score in pre-production.

You shouldn’t wait to start commenting until the night before or the morning of the production as it will be most likely too late to communicate with each other. Pre-production always determines the quality of your film.

Shoot Video Footage:
Your priority is to shoot video footage for this project although I encourage you to take some still images in addition.

Project I Footage from Two Years Ago (Just for inspiration):
These YouTube links indicated below contain some of the unedited Project I footage from two years ago. The criteria were almost the same (there was no “conceptual cut” then). This particular group had a storyline for many of the required shots/lighting setups:



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