Project 1 Group 1

Group 1 Members:

Antons, Robert, Leslye, Jeremy, Richard, Joe, Leanna, Jad

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  1. Richard Holzhauer

    great work on monday. we got a lot of great footage but we should always look it over and see if we have to shoot more of the crime scene. next we will do the interrogation scene which will actually be shown before the crime scene in the video

  2. Joe

    So for Wednesday, we should do the lineup/interrogation with the dramatic lighting. We should do the lineup first to point out the suspect and then do the interrogation after with Robert and Antons. we could discuss the lighting and the shots it would take.

    1. Leanna

      Great idea Joe,

      The other team look like they were doing something similar to the interrogation story, so changing ours up is a good idea.

      We can do one person at a time during the line up with the required lighting shots that we need to take, They can be holding a number, or a paper with their name on it, just like the one below

      Joe will confirm that it was Rob who stole his wallet.

      We still can do the interrogation between Anton and Rob but just make it more creative/funny/serious

      Rob you can decide what you want to wear (thug life)

      For the conceptual shot:
      Here are some of the ideas
      1) use time (shot of a clock) showing us that Rob will be doing time
      I know that Anton had more ideas regrading conceptual shot

      1. Antons89

        Guys, I just thought about this lineup idea and it doesn’t make sense because I actually caught Rob in the act so I know that he’s the one who committed that crime! Lol

        We can still do a lineup, but then we’d have to show that Rob escaped from custody and gave me a concussion while doing that, so that I can’t remember who the suspect is. Then, maybe Jeremy can be sitting with Joe, asking him if he recognizes any of the people in the lineup.

        1. Leanna

          Right agreed, I did realize that it wont make sense, but the other team is doing an interrogation scene, the line up is something different.

          Just like you said we can change the story so it can make sense , with rob knocking you out, but it will be hard to shoot that scene over since you guys will be wearing different clothes tomorrow, maybe before the line up we can state , or Anton can say that the thief hit him, or come up with some creative way to show that you received an concussion.

  3. Leslye

    I’m guessing we don’t need props or costumes because it is very casual?
    I have blood if you guys wanna make it intense…
    I am confused though, a crime or a fight between a couple?

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      >I’m guessing we don’t need props or costumes because it is very casual?

      No, that means everyone will look like City Tech students in the scene…??

      You need to avoid that. That is why pre-production matters the most almost always. We have about 12 hours before class. I’m not sure how much your group will be able to decide about this production tonight. If you don’t know what everyone else is bringing, I suggest that you bring what you think will be useful.
      (I’m writing this to everyone in the group, not just to Leslye).

      Good luck!

    1. Jeremy Ragoobar

      Hey professor and all my fellow classmates!,

      My apologies for the late response. From what I’vexing read from all of your previous posts our topic is domestic violence. I have been absent for the last class so correct me if I’m wrong. According to Anton’s post he invisions this dark and dromatic feel to the project, but he said the professor wouldn’t allow it?
      I agree this is a sensitive topic but I think Anton is on to something. I believe that have a dromatic and dark vibe will have more of an impact on the audience versus a comedy. It will create a serious atmosphere where they (the audience) will obsorb the message behind the project.
      Here’s my two cents, how about we shoot shots of the aftermath of the fight and have images of symbolism. For example havery a broken family picture frame which would represent that this domestic violence can cause a broken up family, a few empty bear bottles/cans where we can show that the father is an alcoholic, she chairs fliped over ect. In addition, we can have a voice over of the fight in action while these pictures are shown on screen to get a sense of what happened in the scene at the time. Also, we can have title over black to inform the audience with current alarming statistics of domestic violence in the country and or world.

      Let me know what you guys think. Once again dirty for the late response.


      1. Ryoya Terao Post author

        Jeremy, I never said, I don’t allow filming a subject on domestic violence. Instead, what I meant was that it is a serious and critical theme, so that it needs to be treated sensitively. I suggested to have a positive outcome in the storyline if the group decides to stick with the theme.

      2. Ryoya Terao Post author

        Jeremy, I like all the visual elements, which you described in the scene. So, I assume you will bring many props? Or you will communicate with your teammates what to bring?

        There will be two days to film Project I. One of the two groups will be in the studio tomorrow. The other group will be somewhere outside the studio. It has not been decided which group will be in which location tomorrow.

  4. Joe

    Nah we should keep this topic. Have Leanna talking to someone else and have Rob get jealous and then we could have the fight in the dramatic light and Antons interfering in that light. We could shoot the first part in that space in the basement near the chairs or we could go on the first floor.

  5. Leanna

    Maybe stick with the interrogation btw Antoine and rob. And when Antoine ask rob a hard questions or a question he do not want answer then we can do close up of rob and Antoine facial expressions

    What is the storyline? What did rob do/what crime he committed. How can we incorporate a conceptual cut and lighting techniques for this particular scene

  6. Rikan

    I just learned how to use this smh. It’ gonna be hard getting on here to talk cause I’m balancing 2 jobs with full time school so I’ll noramlly be on here at like 3am or whatever. Anyways, I was gonnna put up this music video I cameoed in as inspiration for our project. It has drama in it and also some elements that can help impact the story Here you all go yo!

  7. Leslye

    I think the lighting techniques are dramatic enough for a fight . Great idea but we should come up with more . Lets consider some simples ideas first. I do think a fighting scene with just facial expressions would be funny.

    1. Rikan

      This was just something to hold us don with some form of image
      like the funny part can be strictly from an acting point but we focus primarily on the serious factor cause that’s the plot

    2. Leanna

      Response to Leslye

      Do you mean close up of facial expression?
      If we do close ups and since you guys want to do comedy. Maybe the story should change

      What type of fighting? What’s the story behind the fighting ? Since it’s comedy

  8. Antons89

    Rob, Leanna and myself stayed a bit after class today to discuss some ideas. We thought that doing some kind of a cop vs bad guy scenario would be interesting. For example, I’m (the cop obviously) am responding to a domestic disturbance caused by Rob and Leanna fighting. We could play with the lighting to make it really dramatic, however professor expressed his concern about the actual subject in question so maybe we should go with something more light-hearted/comedic. Join in with your ideas guys so we can decide what to shoot for this project.

      1. Ryoya Terao Post author

        Yes, please. It is a serious topic, and so treat it carefully. It should NOT be produced lightheartedly. I suggest that there will be a positive outcome though the last scene can be very brief. Good luck!

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