Print Making Workshop

This is an event I attended on December 2, and I thought it would be something interesting to try and go see what it was about. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I attended but it turned out to be interesting. It was definitely more freestyle and abstract than I thought it would be.

When I got there I noticed some random materials in the front and when I sat down The instructor began describing the process of what we would be doing. The first thing we all did was go to the front and get a thin rectangular piece of cardboard and after we sat down with our materials and played around with the objects we got in the front. The point was to apply the materials first and then add ink to it creating a design on the applied paper.

The type of objects were things like strings and fabrics, glue to stick them on the cardboard and other objects to apply the cardboard. It was really cool to see what some people did with these objects and the different kinds of designs that were created in the process. About 45 minutes after we all made our designs, the instructor told us how to apply the ink. One important note was not to mix the inks because it would spoil the design with different color inks.

people doing art

I wasn’t very successful however when applying the ink to my first print. I possibly did it too fast or there was something I missed that the instructor did that made it successful. I still got to witness others who did a much better job than I did. This experience kind of reminded me of my first graphic design class when we were learning about form and abstract ideas rather than creating a concept. It was nice to be free from such constraints sometimes. You are just expressing yourself through abstractionism.  Some people had more conceptual looking art than others.

This is just to show I tried, maybe I should have had a bit more help. The lady was nice enough not to say it looked terrible. I had no access to scissors so the strings and materials were kind of sloppy to make something really nice.

Overall this was an interesting experience. I wish I had taken pictures of the people’s art sitting next to me as there’s were so nice and well put together. I had so much school work to do so I left a little early, and the weather was terrible that day however I thank the people who tried to teach us how to do this.