AIGA Design and Business Ethics Handbook

Today I will discuss some interesting things I learned from reading this article and compare it to my internship at Netcomfix. I did know about the legal precautions of using copyrighted fonts and typefaces and using other people’s artwork in my own work. When I started working at this internship, I actually discussed taking original photographs for the website and putting them on the website, because it seemed like he used some stock pics from a template.

We have been using twitter bootstrap as our main template, however, I noticed some of the pictures Netcomfix were using seemed part of a template, and I talked about and was working with him on using our own images to put on the website. The owner of the company started his website to advertise IT and web services to manage his clients, so I am not sure how diligent they are when it comes to legal issues of images and fonts.

For the logo I helped them redesign, I told them I got my typefaces from font squirrel which offers free commercial-use fonts. I let them know that and they haven’t really pursued it any further than that in terms of the legal side of things.

Below is an example of an image we need to swap out with real ones we took ourselves. Icons to be clicked on are things I intend to work on myself.

Some features included on the website have been purchased by the company such as the ability to speak directly with clients from the website. Also using free API’s are always useful in designing websites.

As far as software and websites go. We are looking into integrating WordPress for some of the web services because you can easily modify it through php. However, i would like to find out more about any issues with that when using WordPress specifically.