I work at a retail story in the city. In my job they rent the second floor for events while the first floor is where we sell the store products to the public. One of the days I was at work there was an event happening which I was informed, but I didn’t know for whom. When I asked who is the event for my manager told me it was for Bing, the web search engine owned by Microsoft. I decided to wait until they were done with the meeting while I was working.

When they finished they came downstairs to take a look at sunglasses and shop for themselves. I started helping few people choosing the right pair of glasses and giving them advice. Then I starting making conversations about their job, and what they do. There was a guy who had the most confidence and was very outspoken, I guessed he was the manager or the person in charge. I approached him and asked if he had any SEO recommendations for myself,  he replied that they focus on paid search.

I told him I was actually interested in getting into PPC (paid search), he didn’t really seemed very interested in conversing about the topic at the moment so I went to engage with other people. I asked for some tips from some guys and I found out the new employee didn’t even have a bachelor degree and that I didn’t really need one. At the end when we were thanking them for their time and for the sales, the first guy I talked to told me to start with internships. Usually people get into the career starting as interns and offered to contact me if he knows of any position available. I fortunately had my business card with me and I gave him one. We also talked about certifications and told me they do help for employers, such as the Google certifications. That night I went home and got Google Analytics certified.