Well the place where I work it’s not the most high tech office. Sarah, the person I’m interning for, has her office in her apartment. Every Monday and Tuesday I wake up early to be on time; take a shower, eat, brush my teeth, etc… When I am on the train I send her a text letting her know I’m on my way. She always replies with lots of energy and compliments. When I get to the building the doorman knows me already, so I just greet him and tell him I’m going to the 30th floor. It’s a very nice apartment located in Forest Hills, nice neighborhood.

I always bring my laptop with me, which is where I do all my work. When I get out of the elevator I make a right and walk to her door, I ring the bell and she greets me with the biggest smile and excitement. Every time I walk in she clocks me in, she has a machine next to her door that clocks people in and out. There is a big desk in the middle of the house, with 2 computers facing each other. It is her office, but I usually don’t touch her computer. I like to work in my laptop, and they are Windows and I prefer Mac.

Every week she has a paper with things she wants me to do, but many times it is very unorganized and sometimes there are things I already did the past week. As I hang my jacket somewhere she always goes to the kitchen and asks me if I want coffee and something to eat. Sometimes she goes somewhere and bring me something to eat. I take out my laptop, put it on a desk, sip my coffee, take a bite of whatever I am eating, and read the paper she has ready for me. We usually sit down and talk about things, what she has done, what she is currently doing, what she wants, we talk about what could we put on her website, etc.

Since the apartment is on a 30th floor it has a beautiful view. I like to hang around the window for few minutes every time my eyes get tired from the screen. She usually compliments me on my clothing and taste, also on my work and responsibility. She complains a lot about my generation because she has had bad experiences with young interns, and there was even a time some lady stole some clothes from her when she brought her on a show. Since she does public relations and other things, sometimes she place her customers on tv segments or magazines. I tried to show off her work history on the site, which I think is important as a business.

I always have an easy time there, everything is calm and informal. I can wear whatever I want, but I usually dress semi-formal since I don’t really wear snickers, t-shirts or jeans. Some Tuesdays I get to see Bryan, which is someone working for her and has been there for many years. Sarah trusts and relies on him completely, the only issue is that he is not the best with technology. He must be on his thirties. We barely talk because we are focused on our computers trying to finish whatever we’re doing at the moment, and he is the one that utilizes the other computer in the office. Sarah uses the other one. Not long ago me and Bryan had a bonding moment for few minutes when he shared a cigarette with me and we went to smoke on the 4th floor where there’s a big patio. After I am done i just pack my things, grab my jacket and tell them “Good bye, see you next week”.  On Mondays I go straight home which takes me like an hour or more. Or I just go to class on Tuesdays since I have a class at 6pm. That is how the work environment is in my internship.