Hello, my name is David Arias. I am a digital marketing undergraduate student in City College of Technology. I have a background in sales with the world’s largest eyewear company Sunglass Hut. I  acquired excellent communication skills and learned to work in teams and deal with different types of personalities. Moreover, I currently possess an associate degree in Communications and an associate degree in Communication Design.

During the course history, I developed a wide set of skills that range from design principles, typography, color theory, web design, campaign development, user experience design to technical skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Analytics, Adobe CC, WordPress and more. My goal is to work for a digital marketing agency in NYC. My passion for the digital marketing field began when I realized that people gather content and its experience is shifting to digital. The power of the internet is changing our daily lives, from the way we communicate to each other, to the way we shop for products. Digital marketing is growing worldwide, and I want to be part of the revolution.