A typical day at my internship is very simple. Every time I go in, I hang my jacket on a little closet where everybody hangs their jackets, I greet Sarah and Bryan if he is there. I go to a desk and take out my laptop while Sarah makes me some coffee and tells me about what is going on at the moment. What she is doing, what is happening, her clients stories, etc. Every time I go there she has a paper typed out a list of things to do on that day. I have to ask her many questions since the paper is written in a messy way and I can’t understand it. Or sometimes it just doesn’t make sense, like doing SEO for words she doesn’t have on her website but she wants people to find her using those keywords. I spend a great time explaining to her technical stuff, about websites, web content, practices, why some things are good or bad idea, what some words mean, how to do certain things ¬†like upload videos on ¬†youtube or use Google Drive, etc. I always have to repeat myself every week because she does have a short term memory and she gets very nervous when machines are not working.

She usually wants me to work on something on the website, and she lately has requested different features for the website that I haven’t done before. I spend a lot of time learning about Wix, features, how to do stuff, and more. I watch videos and read articles. And honestly at least I get to learn new things, and spend lots of hours in the internship learning. I always get to drink some coffee and eat snacks or sandwiches she has ready for me. There is another guy that has been working for her for many years, Bryan. Sarah is tougher and more strict with him, and I don’t know why she never asks him if he wants coffee or something.

She also tells me how she wants me to teach her and Bryan things like Social Media, but she is very forgetful and Bryan doesn’t really seem interested in it. When it comes to the social media i just know the technical stuff, and I help out whenever I can. However, I am not a social media expert and I don’t know much about how to get new followers, influencers marketing, etc. I am more into the website design, content, development, and SEO. Lately I’ve been learning a little about PCP as well which is paid advertising on search engines (mostly Google).

Time really flies over there, and since it is so slow paced it takes me weeks to complete some tasks. Plus I am always distracted watching videos learning new things. Sarah sometimes has to run some errands and leaves me with Bryan in the house, we usually don’t talk and he puts music. Which I don’t mind because he puts good music. He likes to listen a lot of Rihanna and Beyonce. Whenever my eyes get tired from the screen I just go sit down by the window which has a beautiful view. She is always there whenever I need something from her, Bryan also assists if I need something as well. Whenever it’s my time to leave, Sarah clocks me out from a machine she has next to her door, and sometimes gives me some snacks to take home. One time one of her clients gave her boxes of juices and she drove me home so I could bring few of those boxes. She is kind to me. Bryan is cool too, he gave me a cigarette one day and we went to a patio to talk about work, school and life.