I went to the Meet The Pros meeting from the advertising agency Droga5 starring Lauren Costa, Shannon Washington, and Candice Drakeford. At first I didn’t expect much since my concentration isn’t really advertising, but it was worthy and enjoyable. There were a lot of people there, usually I’ve only seen few people in the meetings but I think they did a really good job promoting their event. I did have to stand up since all the seats were taken and I was very tired because I came from work at that time, and I was a little tired. At the end it was all worth it.

These women ¬†introduced themselves and then explained how they got into the field, which was not straight out of college or they had the career in mind. They actually got into advertising by accident and realized that was their thing. There was a lot of people in the meeting, including many professors and I was surprised. I even had to stood up during the whole meeting because there weren’t seats available.

One thing that I learned from them is that is OK to be uncertain in the beginning, not everyone has everything figured it out. You just go with the flow and you find what you’re looking for along the way. Don’t give up and keep building skills, which can always be valuable in the end. Even though they were not exactly in the field I want to pursue, I did value their time and opinions.