This is the first internship I got, and I was very excited. The professor Maureen gave us many choices where we could apply for internships such as, ¬† or a page on OpenLab. I went to indeed and apply for few, then in and lastly I went to the OpenLab page but I didn’t see anything that caught my attention. Within the first two weeks I started getting replies, and some never replied.

The first person that replied was from an Italian theater in the city. The lady was in charge of the events and needed someone to help her work on their current website plus on new ones for upcoming events. Even though it was unpaid and there was no one who I was going to work with, I thought that having the experience to working with someone in a professional level might be a good thing to put in a resume. Also because I appreciate art in all forms and I would be exposed to learn one of my favorite languages, Italian.

Few days later I received an email from another place called Fashion Update and they wanted to meet with me regarding the application on Indeed. When I did my research I saw they do Public Relations, sample sales, showrooms in NYC, and promotions. I went to meet with the lady and she told me he business has been active since 1985. Then she proceeded to show me her clients history, the press history, and how her business has changed and is struggling since the raise of the internet. She works alone but she needs help with websites, social media, and more.

After giving some thought of the choices I had, I chose to work for Fashion Update and help the lady saver her business. The woman in charge, Sarah, was very happy that she found me. We had many meeting and we talked about the approach we were going to take in order to promote her business, and that the first thing she needed was to have a presence online. Therefore my main focus was a website.