Python Reading Assignments

Lecture notes

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Variables
  3. Inputs and Outputs
  4. Decisions and Logical Operators
  5. Functions
  6. While Loop
  7. Advanced Loop Techniques
  8. Debugging

Additional lecture notes are stored using the IPython notebook format: an interactive computing environment. If you do not have access to Jupiter IPython notebooks software you can get a free Microsoft account and use Azure Python notebooks.

The notebooks for CST 1101 are stored here. Following this link, for each of the CST 1101 topics you will find an interactive Python notebook where you can execute / add / update Python cells on the fly (.ipynb files) and the same notebook with all the Python cells executed (.html files).

Below are the links to the chapters from the required Python reading. In addition to the reading materials listed below check the lecture notes provided by the instructor.

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