Social Media: Loubna Aly

The author of Social media addiction is a bigger problem than you think, Mike Elgan, is expressing how negative┬áSocial Media is on society. The notion of addiction is used to symbolized how individuals are immensely drawn into Social Media everyday and have a fear of “quitting” because of this addiction.

Photography can be used to capture these moments of ‘Social Media addiction’. Maybe not being so literal and capture a photo of someone on their phone, but maybe a group of young students following each other robotically, in reference to the following network Elgan describes in his article.

1 thought on “Social Media: Loubna Aly

  1. rmichals

    I like your suggestion of not being so literal! We don’t need to see yet another picture of someone on a phone. I love the idea of a follow-the-leader type of image showing probably three people doing the same exact thing.Two is not enough to communicate your idea and four might be too crowded for the size of our studio though worth trying.

    What about the second article?


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