Final Project Brief

Masses huddled
New York has record numbers of homeless people
But relatively few of them are sleeping rough

This short article is about homeless people are moving into hotels are for temporary living. Hotels can’t afford too many people; this hasn’t included those are living on the street, subways, and parks. The city is planning to build more homeless shelters in order to help the homeless people. However, homelessness is a long battle that is hard to end the problem. What we can do is too little, so we have to raise the problem to the public and everyone can help a bit.

1.The audience is New Yorkers
2.It will be people and still life.
3.It will be serious and depressed.
4.It is literal for all approach.
5.I will ask Malcolm or Johnathan to be my model.
6.The objects will be cardboards, garbage bag, plastic bag, and rotten or dirty clothing.
7.The lighting will be bright. The light direction comes from either left or right side. For the still life, the light comes from top or side and bottom. For the people, it’s in silhouette. The background color will be white, but it can add some color filter to see different results.
8.For the people, black and white might work very good on it, but I will add some color filter to see the different results, and change back to black and white to make it feel poor. For the still life, I will try to maintain the original color first to see how it looks like, then I will also try to make it black and white to compare the results of it. The overall purpose is trying to make the photographs look sad and also impact the public.

1 thought on “Final Project Brief

  1. rmichals

    Good choice of topic. It is complex and will be challenging.

    The subhead contradicts many people’s image of homelessness. The very large number of homeless people we have in this city, 63,000, does not include those people who sleep in the streets. The homeless are primarily housed by the city in shelters and hotels. And 1 in 10 homeless people has a job. How do you convey this?

    To use silhouettes could be very interesting but don’t fall into the stereotypes about homeless people. And using rags and garbage bags doesn’t really get at the problem.

    You might try to figure out a way to convey the idea of regular people not wanting shelters in their neighborhoods. the article starts and ends with references to the protests in Maspeth over putting a shelter in that neighborhood.


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