Final Project Brief

Topic: positive and negative sides of Recycling focusing on plastic bottles

this article talks about the process of recycling and that not that many bottles are actually being recycled and that we need to recycle more plastic bottles using quote “Not enough used plastic bottles in the U.S. are making it into the recycling system.”

the second article tells us an economic perspective that recycles costs more than just throwing things out to the garbage and that the more we recycle the less valuable it will be using quote “recycling is an increasingly expensive way to produce materials that are less and less valuable.”

audience: environmentally conscious people
still life photographing bottles
1st idea: show the bottles as elegant in their own shape in light and with positive mood
2nd idea: show the bottles looking transparent almost worthless with a dark mood what is the point so to speak

Final Project

This poem is about self-love, beginning to love yourself throughout the obstacles that life gives you and believing that everything happens for a reason.

  1. The audience is everyone.
  2. I’m using models to express self-love.
  3. 1st. idea: The models will be smiling while holding a heart with lights or creating a heart shape with their hands.
  4. 2nd. idea: Smiling and hugging themselves.
  5. The mood will be positive, it will show through models’ smiles and the light colors that I will use for the background.


Final Project

My series is about stereotypes of how people of color wear clothing. I will use have models that will dress in urban street wear and in professional attire. I will also use color gels to make the professional atire feel dominant and have a sense of confidence while the urban street wear will have an intense/dark feel to it.

Final Post

Kashi Cereal –  This is an organic cereal brand that believes in healthy living through their plant based cereal.

  1. My audience is Vegan or even people who want to stay fit and healthy.
  2.  MY first image will include a still life to capture the product without a person, but also i will have a second image with either a model or even the cereal within a different scenario, a much more natural/ organic area.
  3. Cheerful, happy mood
  4. It will be a much more literal approach since i’ll be trying to sell the product to a consumer without bells and whistles.
  5. My models will include young individuals
  6. The cereal box, bowl, spoon, maybe some fruit, toast and or orange juice.
  7. I will be using the studio lights, bright to give of a happy feeling. With a white Background.
  8.  If i take the product outdoors, I will give it a shallow depth of field.

Final Project

Photo 1

Polar bear on top of ice to show if we can help with climate change the polar bears will have  a place to live

Photo 2

Ice broken up with the Polar bear struggling to find land to live one

Final Project Breif

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

(1)The general audience is overall for all people
(2)Still life and models can be used with this idea
(3)Mood will contain a mix of everything
(4)Literally have something clean, standard, and average as a model, or still life be in the shoot
(5)I dont know who are my models
(6)Objects would include 2 things. One which would have to be fresh, good looking on the outside, but when deep into the core, rotten. Apple. Maybe a teddy bear.
(7)One half of the photo would be bright and warm, whereas the other half of the photo would be dark and cold.
(8)Half and Half. Good side, Shallow. Bad side, Deep.

Image Two


Show the fresh wonder outer parts of the apple.
Then show the inner rotten parts.


Not so good looking apple on the outside.
Inside clean and bright apple.

Image Two

Teddy Bear

Cute and normal teddy bear.
But disgusting stuffings leak out.

Not to sure of ver2 for Image2


Final Project Brief

Masses huddled
New York has record numbers of homeless people
But relatively few of them are sleeping rough

This short article is about homeless people are moving into hotels are for temporary living. Hotels can’t afford too many people; this hasn’t included those are living on the street, subways, and parks. The city is planning to build more homeless shelters in order to help the homeless people. However, homelessness is a long battle that is hard to end the problem. What we can do is too little, so we have to raise the problem to the public and everyone can help a bit.

1.The audience is New Yorkers
2.It will be people and still life.
3.It will be serious and depressed.
4.It is literal for all approach.
5.I will ask Malcolm or Johnathan to be my model.
6.The objects will be cardboards, garbage bag, plastic bag, and rotten or dirty clothing.
7.The lighting will be bright. The light direction comes from either left or right side. For the still life, the light comes from top or side and bottom. For the people, it’s in silhouette. The background color will be white, but it can add some color filter to see different results.
8.For the people, black and white might work very good on it, but I will add some color filter to see the different results, and change back to black and white to make it feel poor. For the still life, I will try to maintain the original color first to see how it looks like, then I will also try to make it black and white to compare the results of it. The overall purpose is trying to make the photographs look sad and also impact the public.

The good of social media

This author is glorifying the benefits of social media from a business perspective. he emphasized the quickness of social media to deliver news to a large amount of people. This is very handy during disasters or events going on in the present such as protests and natural disasters. more importantly this article looks at the benefits of marketing and business growth thanks to social media.

Social Media Addiction (Bad and Good)

Bad Social Media

In summary,

It is addictive to be on social media is because of what the designers of the platforms do. To have a button that you can click to see who mentioned you in their post. Once you’ve clicked on that button enough, it starts to become addicting. Every now and then you would want to click that button, even though there aren’t any notifications.

My idea is to show the reflection of the notification number onto someones glasses. To have their eyes create tension, and the need of wanting to see and click the notification.

Second, Over the head shot of model clicking the notification.


Good Social Media

To show the positivities of the good parts of using social media for general education purposes. To keep people informed of news that aren’t hitting major broadcast channels but are still significant towards various people.

My idea is to show how informative social media can be. As for the photograph, the model will be lookat towards his social media and smiling as if something good is happening.