Social Media Addiction (Bad and Good)

Bad Social Media

In summary,

It is addictive to be on social media is because of what the designers of the platforms do. To have a button that you can click to see who mentioned you in their post. Once you’ve clicked on that button enough, it starts to become addicting. Every now and then you would want to click that button, even though there aren’t any notifications.

My idea is to show the reflection of the notification number onto someones glasses. To have their eyes create tension, and the need of wanting to see and click the notification.

Second, Over the head shot of model clicking the notification.


Good Social Media

To show the positivities of the good parts of using social media for general education purposes. To keep people informed of news that aren’t hitting major broadcast channels but are still significant towards various people.

My idea is to show how informative social media can be. As for the photograph, the model will be lookat towards his social media and smiling as if something good is happening.

1 thought on “Social Media Addiction (Bad and Good)

  1. rmichals

    I love the idea of having the notification number reflected in someone’s glasses. Several semester’s ago, another student did a very successful project with the reflection of an image in glasses. Remind me to show it to you if I forget. 1. Take a great photo of someone with glasses with no reflections in the glasses. Use broad light for this photo.That means to photograph him or her in a three quarter view with the main light on the side of the visible ear. 2. Impose the graphic on the glasses with a transparent layer in photoshop. there are a number of online tutorials that show exactly how to do this.

    The problem with an overhead shot of someone clicking the notification is that the screen of the phone really is very small and it will be hard to communicate exactly what is being done.


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