She Being Brand/Coming Home Detroit

She Being Brand: The author uses the metaphor of sensuality and a woman to describe the way he feels as he drives his car for the first time through the street of Boston. The poem has a sense of excitement, passion and although it is the first drive there is a sense of satisfaction when the ride comes to an end.

Coming Home Detroit: This poem is very different than “she being brand” here we see the author incite less excitement and passion, also the scene unfold through dirty street.

Communication Problem: To capture and show sensuality and a sense of satisfaction through the images of a toy car and different levels of lighting.

Image ideas: I want to create the right mood, to capture images that give out a romantic feel. Images that have soft lighting with a hint of shadow.

Results: The Shoot went well. I believe the mood was captured to communicate the message of both poems. Various lighting levels were used with the integration of photo filters that created the desired effect.

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