Topic Seven: “she being Brand” and “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968”

In “she being Brand” the narrator compare’s a woman’s first time to an experience driving a car. He describes intimate details with her as if he was talking about the car. The way he uses descriptive words such as “thoroughly oiled” and “slipped the clutch” give the feelings of tension and excitement building up and it continues though to the end. The metaphors lets the reader understand the feelings the narrator is feeling on a more personal level especially if the reader felt that excitement driving. The best way to portray this photo would be to use an old style car, preferably red, shiny, like new. It should have a dark background (feelings intensify in darkness) gives it a more intimate feeling..

The story “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” has a more depressing and humble feeling. The poem is about returning to the town during the time of riots and chaos. A car slowly drives through the city while taking in all the surroundings. There is pain and disappointment in this poem. I don’t if i would have a dim grayish lighting for the pictures or something also with red (which seems to be my favorite color) to show anger, fire maybe.

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