homework due 5/23

Due: 11:30, Wednesday, May 23

goal: finalize your projects

to do

    1. refine one project
    2. process book
    3. portfolio

1. Refine

Refine a project of your choice

2. Process Book

Complete your Process book

Name based on our naming convention:

comd1200 s22_processbook_last name first name

Upload to the Google Drive, motion folder:  https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1b5pWgjOHMOXznpGJndlIm0IdX5E5GE2y


3. Portfolio

Create a portfolio through OpenLab
Add your motion poster, resume, process book, and any other project that you want to share.




Final gif

Upload your final gif and add link:

Add links to all pages:
class session


Table of Contents

Typography. (add )

step 1: alignment

step2: hierarchy

step 3: proportion







Final spread for your motion section

Add 6 images from your photoshop layers to show progression
Each image is one column wide and as deep as it necessary
Delete any unused boxes










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