Song Project Yessica Ramirez

This piece is based on the song called “Promises” by Jhene Aiko. The song is about two things. The first half is about her daughter and how she feels bad and does not like that she is not there for her at all times. Especially with little things in her daughters life occurs. She isn’t able to be with her at all times because she is an artist and was always on road.  But she reminds her that everything she is doing is for her daughter. She asks her daughter to promise her she will be alright even when she is not there and in the song her daughter actually sings in it as well and promises her mom that she will be alright. The second half of the song is about her brother who passed away. Jhene has had lots of trouble getting through her brothers death. In the song she says “Don’t think I can make it” and then she says she hears her brother say that she better not do anything crazy because her daughter needs her. Also he reminds her that he’s always with her in every moment and everywhere she is. She promises him that she is going to be alright. This song is very powerful and gives me a lot of emotion. Her album cover is similar to the background. I wanted to portray a heavenly sunset look. The clouds signify her brother still being there. And the hands making a promise represents Jhenes promises with both her daughter and her brother.

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