News Paper Project D.Rogers


This is my project regarding college athletes not getting paid by NCAA.As a former athlete i believe it’s unfair since the NCAA is making money off of people who are showcasing there talent. The focal point is on the left side you see the athlete in a basket ball court with the bench players cheering him on shooting the “Money Ball”: On the court floor it says get the bag symbolizing for the players to get paid.On the other hand we see a judge trying to stop the athlete from making the money get in the basket while protecting his assets awhile with the jurors look on That’s the focal point.If we look closer there is also movement in the center regarding the athlete shooting the money ball : The feet looks like it’s getting off the ground.Looking at the judge side you can see his robe looks like it’s moving to the athlete while his feet are behind the robe in a tippy toe position.


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