OCT 26th | Week 9 (New Yorker Cover DUE)


Class #8 – Project 2 (New Yorker Cover) – 

1. Attendance

2. Warm Up Drawing

3. Students prepare their presentation of their New Yorker Covers.

4. Class Critique of FINAL ART.

Prepare to answer these questions during the Critique: 

  • a. What Theme did you choose for the cover art?
  • b. What challenges did you face in. finalizing this piece?
  • Do you think it belongs in your portfolio? Why or Why not?







Project 3: Conceptual Portrait 

DUE Next Class: Thumbnail Sketches 

1. Select a subject. They can be a celebrity, (alive or decease); an historical figure; athlete; or someone from the news. 

2. Alternative: Self-Portrait (reveal who you are). 

3. Create a series (minimum 5) of thumbnail sketches exploring various conceptual poses focusing on an aspect of their/your personality. 

4. Once you’ve chosen a concept and pose, find reference images, create your own photographic reference for poses if necessary. 

5. Specs: Image Size 9”X12” Portrait, Full Color. 

INSPIRATION: Checkout the work and processes of Edward Kinsella