COMD 3633 Advanced Strategies in Illustration Fall 2023 Assignment #3: Conceptual Portrait 

Select a subject. They can be a celebrity (alive or deceased), a historical figure, an athlete, or someone from the news. Create a conceptual portrait illustration. Image Size 9”X12” Portrait, Full Color.

For Next Week :

1. Create a series (minimum 5) of thumbnail sketches exploring various conceptual poses focusing on an aspect of their personality.

2. Work Realistically or in Caricature, whichever suits your personal style and portfolio.

3. Once you’ve chosen a concept and pose, find reference images, and create your own photographic reference for poses if necessary.


Specs: Image Size 9”X12” Portrait, Full Color.

Things to consider when creating a conceptual portrait: 

•Characteristic Pose



•Facial anomaly


•Unusual Situation


•Something they are known for.