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 BRIEF: Create a portfolio piece that you would use to woo your dream client!

• Revisit your Week 1 assignment, in which you identified who you are as an illustrator and the art directors and companies you’d most like to work with.

• Create an illustration sure to capture their attention!




COMD 3633 Advanced Strategies in Illustration Fall 2023 Assignment #3: Conceptual Portrait 

Select a subject. They can be a celebrity (alive or deceased), a historical figure, an athlete, or someone from the news. Create a conceptual portrait illustration. Image Size 9”X12” Portrait, Full Color.

For Next Week :

1. Create a series (minimum 5) of thumbnail sketches exploring various conceptual poses focusing on an aspect of their personality.

2. Work Realistically or in Caricature, whichever suits your personal style and portfolio.

3. Once you’ve chosen a concept and pose, find reference images, and create your own photographic reference for poses if necessary.


Specs: Image Size 9”X12” Portrait, Full Color.

Things to consider when creating a conceptual portrait: 

•Characteristic Pose



•Facial anomaly


•Unusual Situation


•Something they are known for.

OCT12 | WEEK 7

OCT 12th | Week 7 (NewYorkerCover)


 Strategies in Illustration COMD3633 – Class Plan Fall 2023 October 12 

Class #6 – Project 2 (New Yorker Cover) – 

1. Attendance

2. Warm Up Drawing

3. Student Questions about last week.

4. Class Critique of Thumbnails.

Please have the Thumbnails scanned For Class Critique. 

Prepare to answer these questions during the Critique: 

  • a. What Theme did you choose for the cover art?
  • b.Why did you choose this article?
  • c.Does the Illustration you intend to create fit the market you want to reach?

5. 10 minute Break

6. Lecture/ Finding & Establishing Clients

7. Student Questions.



Project 2: New Yorker Cover 

DUE Next Class: 

1. Refined pencil sketch for the New Yorker Cover. 

 2. Google Doc of Dream Clients & Written Assignment on Freelancing

Based on  MAILING LIST PROJECT as prescribed on page 102 of Inside the Business of Illustration CH5 , complete the writing assignment below. 

SHARE BOTH To this DROPBOX by the start of Week 8 class. (You can link to the Google doc from your writing assignment, and you may share this doc with another student if you choose to work as a team.)

Writing Assignment Freelancing Getting Clients Fa2023

New Yorker Cover Thumbnails – SC

How does the theme you chose to illustrate reflect the type of work you want to do in the future?

I chose themes that were very native and unique to New York. These is not a topic that I draw from often, but I am looking at it though my style-lens and using my imagination to create whimsical options, but I also like to add a more graphic option and a “straight-forward” option as well. This reflects my future work as an Art Director and Illustrator because I am able to conceive many ideas with different styles in mind. I like for my thumbnails to always be very different from one another because it’s like casting a broader net, so there is a higher success rate for the best idea to come through.

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