OCT 12th | Week 7 (NewYorkerCover)


 Strategies in Illustration COMD3633 – Class Plan Fall 2023 October 12 

Class #6 – Project 2 (New Yorker Cover) – 

1. Attendance

2. Warm Up Drawing

3. Student Questions about last week.

4. Class Critique of Thumbnails.

Please have the Thumbnails scanned For Class Critique. 

Prepare to answer these questions during the Critique: 

  • a. What Theme did you choose for the cover art?
  • b.Why did you choose this article?
  • c.Does the Illustration you intend to create fit the market you want to reach?

5. 10 minute Break

6. Lecture/ Finding & Establishing Clients

7. Student Questions.



Project 2: New Yorker Cover 

DUE Next Class: 

1. Refined pencil sketch for the New Yorker Cover. 

 2. Google Doc of Dream Clients & Written Assignment on Freelancing

Based on  MAILING LIST PROJECT as prescribed on page 102 of Inside the Business of Illustration CH5 , complete the writing assignment below. 

SHARE BOTH To this DROPBOX by the start of Week 8 class. (You can link to the Google doc from your writing assignment, and you may share this doc with another student if you choose to work as a team.)

Writing Assignment Freelancing Getting Clients Fa2023