Article Title: “Refugee and Migrant Crisis 

Resource:  OXFAM International


Why did you choose this article?

I chose this article because it discussed the issue that has always been a heavily argued subject around the U.S., the migrant crisis. As an immigrant, I can relate to the situation of having to flee your homes in order to protect your family or in fear of losing your life. I want to discuss a subject that is current, relatable, and can use as much support as it can get.  

What is the market for your illustration? Is it intended to reach?

The market for my illustrations are immigrants, refugees, and any other person in the U.S. who are seeking information on the current crisis that is taking place all around the world. The ideal median to place my work will be in an editorial magazine that supports asylum seeking and immigration.

How does the illustration you intend to create fit the market you want to reach?

My illustrations are meant to invoke emotion through shapes, signs, and symbols that can be understood by anyone in the world while also suggesting a need for change. 

Explain your thinking process for your thumbnails.

My thinking process for my thumbnails started with a brainstorming of words related to my subject, “Immigration Crisis and Asylum Seekers”, but still required necessary research to inform myself on the subject. After reading the article of my choosing, it was clear the position I would take would require me to discuss heavy topics. Therefore, I decided to use strategies such as repetition and the rule of thirds to address my subject’s point.