Class #5 – Project 1 (Editorial Illustration) – 

  • 1.Attendance
  • 2.Warm Up
  • 3.Student Questions about last week.
  • 4.Class Critique of Refined Sketches for Project 1.

** Please have Thumbnails scanned and in DROPBOX For Class Critique **

Prepare to answer these questions during the Critique: 

a.What Is the Title of the Editorial or Article

  1. What is your source (where did it come from?)
  2. Why did you choose this article
  3. Does the Illustration you intend to create fit the market you want to reach
  4. Explain your thinking process for your thumbnails.

6. 10-minute Break

7. Lecture / Working in Multiple Illustration Styles

8. Discuss Expectations for next week





  • EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION FINAL – 9×12 finished color art (medium is the artist’s choice, but work will be reviewed digitally.)

**Submit your work to the Dropbox for Critique BEFORE class time, or it is counted as LATE WORK.**

  • READ CHAPTER 5: Inside the Business of Illustration
  • Continue your Mailing List as prescribed on page 102 of Inside the Business of Illustration CH5.  You may share your list with others who are interested in the same markets that you are.  You may work as a team. You SHOULD combine all the information you have gathered by researching your illustration heroes.  THIS PROJECT IS DUE WEEK 7